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Very soon now we will have a new addition to the farm. We are getting an English Shepherd puppy from the Blacksheep Homestead Farm in Rock Stream, NY and are *very* excited. The English Shepherd (ES) is a type of old-time farm collie. More about farm… more »


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Something to think about

Today's entry has nothing to do with sheep or chickens. But I hope you will read this and give some thought to the ideas presented. more »


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One thing off the list

Here is the "new" bed complete with mattress and bedding. We made the "boxspring" on Saturday and have been sleeping on it since then. It is *very* firm, but we both actually like it that way. I used to like my bed to be very soft, but now it seems to… more »


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Nobody here but us chickens (and guineas)


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Things To Do

Usually things slow down in the fall, don't they? Not around here. Our list of things to do seems to be growing. There's a pile of 2 cords of wood to stack, and more standing dead trees to be harvested from our lot...there's the outdoor kerosene tank… more »


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Old MacDonald had a ...... payloader?

Monday was hay day. We were splitting a tractor trailer load of hay with Lucy and Carrie who have horses. We had to get our hay from Maine this year, because no one locally had any extra due to the weather this summer, which was constantly rainy. The… more »
Sharing ideas from our small farm in NH, where we raise Icelandic sheep and assorted poultry. We are members of ISBONA (Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America) and the CLRC (Canadian Livestock Records Corporation). We also participate in the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program (NH54). Contact us at karen [at] birchtreefarm [dot] com. Please also visit the farm website at Birchtree Farm.
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