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They're ba-a-a-ck!

Well, the three little delinquents showed up this morning in time for breakfast. I suspect they spent the night under the shed. Although I looked under there last night as best I could, there are some areas that are hard to see. After everyone was out… more »


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Without a trace

Three Muscovies have disappeared - poof! - gone. They were there this afternoon when I went out to feed everyone, but at dusk when I went out to close up the chicken coop, there were only four ducks accounted for. Ken and I tramped around with flashlig… more »


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New home for house chicken

So we've had this chicken living in the house (see post from March 2nd) for almost a couple months now, and we've been trying to integrate her back into the flock. She had healed from her hawk-inflicted wounds, and grown almost all her feathers back.… more »


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Our new website!

As of tonight, I have uploaded the files for our farm website, which now links to this blog. Please visit Birchtree Farm! Thanks! more »


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Guineas are annoying

Can I just tell you how annoying guineas are? I mean, really, really, really annoying. We started with 8 guineas keets and high hopes. We now have 3 and our hopes are considerably lower. There's a pretty bad tick problem around here, and guineas love… more »


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House chicken outdoes herself

The house chicken laid an egg. She's done it before so that's nothing special. She's laid 4 in the last 5-6 days. But with the fourth one this week, she must have been trying to impress us. This had to be painful. What do you think? Yes, those othe… more »


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Magnificent Muscovies

Yesterday Ken and I drove a couple hours to pick up some Muscovy ducks that were being given away by a man who could no longer keep them. We had been planning to get some ducklings this year, either locally or shipped from a hatchery, but when I posted… more »


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More snow, a chicken in the house, and other fun

About a month ago one of our hens was attacked by a hawk. I got out there before too much damage was done, and she spent the last few weeks in a crate in our living room next to the woodstove, living the good life. She healed fine on her own and starte… more »
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