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Goofy people


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Goofy people

So, our sheep paddock is fairly close to the stone wall which forms the boundary between us and one of our neighbors. They had guests over today. I was out doing afternoon chores and had already fed the sheep and was up feeding and watering the chickens. Our poultry are near the house, and I was in the chicken pen refilling their water, when I heard a deep male voice:

"BAA-A-A-A-A-AAAA" (rinse, repeat)

I look over past the sheep paddock and there is one of my neighbor's visitors, a guy in shorts and no shirt, up on the stone wall baa-ing at the sheep, who were eating and not terribly interested in the strange human making noises at them.

I don't think the man noticed me where I was standing in the chicken pen, but then I went into the duck pen with the hose to refill their water tub. By then the man had been joined by his wife or girlfriend and a toddler-aged child on the stone wall. He was continuing his serenade of the sheep who continued to ignore him.

When I moved into the duck pen and began filling the water tub and staring at these people, I think they saw me because they quickly climbed down off the wall and told the little girl to "say bye-bye!", presumably to the sheep (who still didn't care).

Now, who hasn't driven past a field with cows and said "Moo" out the window? But, I have yet to walk up to some farmer's field or barn yard and stand there mooing at his cows. And I have to wonder if I appeared in this person's yard and started barking at his dog or talking baby-talk to his toddler, exactly what he would think of it? I doubt he would appreciate it. He'd probably call the cops and have me arrested. However, for some reason, he thought it was OK to stand on my stone wall and "BAA" at my sheep. Not that it caused any harm... but... WHY?

I do not understand some people.

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