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One thing off the list


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One thing off the list

Here is the "new" bed complete with mattress and bedding. We made the "boxspring" on Saturday and have been sleeping on it since then. It is *very* firm, but we both actually like it that way. I used to like my bed to be very soft, but now it seems to be better if it's not. Fewer aches and pains. The platform boxspring was made out of 2x8's and 2x6's and plywood and fits inside the bedframe.

The quilt on the bed was made by my Aunt Susie many years ago. The trunk at the foot of the bed belonged to my mother, and the quilt folded up on top of the pile of extra blankets is one that I bought at a Mennonite Central Committee Relief Sale in NY a few years ago.



the whole box springs thing… I don’t know how big your room is, but our king has 2 twins springs for support. That makes it easier to “bend” around corners than a queen size. However, we have a new bed, on its second year and we really don’t feel like the springs have held up. How do you build your own?? I am not bad at DIY if it is not too hard. Is this something you would sleep on if you had a choice??

10/15/08 @ 15:20
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We used 2 x 8 lumber to build a frame, and then for crosspieces we used 2 x 6’s inside the frame to give it stiffness and strength (like building a stud wall). Then we cut plywood and screwed it down on top. You can find plans on the web for building a platform bed, which is pretty much the same thing. We like it better than the other mattress and boxspring we were sleeping on.

10/15/08 @ 18:19
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