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Things To Do


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Things To Do

Usually things slow down in the fall, don't they? Not around here. Our list of things to do seems to be growing. There's a pile of 2 cords of wood to stack, and more standing dead trees to be harvested from our lot...there's the outdoor kerosene tank to sand and re-paint...there's still the hearth and heat-shields to build for the new woodstove which is on order...there are more apples to harvest and make into sauce, or apple jelly, with the rest being taken out to the woods for the wildlife (I don't want bears in the front yard)...I just finished turning the last batch of fresh blueberries into jam this morning...oh, and the platform for the bed needs to be constructed (by next weekend)...the last three broilers are left to be processed...tomatoes wait to be picked and allowed to ripen indoors.... The sheep paddock is half-way to being reconstructed, and that has to get done before we can bring the sheep home from pasture, which has to be done soon, so we don't have accidental early lambs. We'll leave the rams on pasture as long as there's no snow, and keep the ewes here. And once the sheep are here they need to be sheared as soon as possible.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something (or things). Guess I'd better git crackin'.

In the meantime, here are a couple pastoral scenes from a few weeks ago for your viewing pleasure.


Comment from: The Galle's  
The Galle's

Just thought I’d try this for fun! Chester and Betts planned to have supper in Hellertown this evening and then go down to Lancaster afterwards. I may hear from his tonight.

I read your list of “things to do” (above) to him on the phone yesterday. Hope you are getting the box for your bed made!

All is well here. With the help of Linda and David (neighbors) I got another kitty neutered yesterday. They kindly took me over to Hornell twice – once to deliver kitty and once to pick him up. He’s doing fine. So, there are five to go!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Mom

09/24/08 @ 01:01
Comment from: sue  

the sheeps in the meadow…any cows in the corn?

10/10/08 @ 23:26
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