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  05:54:44 pm, by Karen   , 74 words  
Categories: Journal

Clearing for pasture, part 3

Just wanted to post the "before" picture from the "Clearing for pasture" entry, and a current picture, taken today. They were taken from roughly the same spot. The lighting is different, but you can see how much things have been opened up. Oh, and you… more »


  12:22:59 pm, by Karen   , 353 words  
Categories: Journal

Clearing for pasture, part 2

Another log truck with a full load of pine logs is just leaving as I type this. The work has been going on now for a couple weeks, and even with some delays for rain, the progress is impressive. There is only one guy working, with a chainsaw and a skid… more »


  04:36:07 pm, by Karen   , 325 words  
Categories: Journal

Clearing for pasture

We finally contacted a forester about getting our land logged and cleared so we can have our own pasture, instead of having to borrow it (we've been grateful to be able to do so, but we really want to have our sheep here, and not somewhere else!). Every… more »


  09:03:43 pm, by Karen   , 489 words  
Categories: Journal

New hay feeder

We built a new hay feeder this past week. The goal was to build something that was easy to fill, but that the sheep could not climb into, and that would not waste too much hay. We have two other hay feeders. The first one is based on a design that… more »


  06:42:25 pm, by Karen   , 136 words  
Categories: Journal

No Farms No Food

"Agriculture not only gives riches to a nation, but the only riches she can call her own." -- Samuel Johnson, English writer (born September 18, 1709) Did you know that America loses 1.2 MILLION acres of farmland each year? According to American Farm… more »

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Sharing ideas from our small farm in NH, where we raise Icelandic sheep and assorted poultry. We are members of ISBONA (Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America) and the CLRC (Canadian Livestock Records Corporation). We also participate in the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program (NH54). Contact us at karen [at] birchtreefarm [dot] com. Please also visit the farm website at Birchtree Farm.
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