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  05:47:40 pm, by Karen   , 370 words  
Categories: Journal

Number four!

One of my two-year-old first time mothers gave birth this morning to a single ewe lamb. I was so relieved to see nose and toes appearing normally after the other day when one lamb was head out with one leg folded and one leg all the way back. However,… more »


  07:06:05 pm, by Karen   , 451 words  
Categories: Journal

Next lamb

Penny lambed on Sunday afternoon. She went into labor normally, and delivered fairly quickly a small ewe lamb which was up and about in short order. I went back to the house and came out about 15 minutes later and she was starting to deliver a second l… more »


  06:23:21 pm, by Karen   , 97 words  
Categories: Journal

First lambs for 2009

Onyx was born on our farm in NY in 2007, and now she has had two ewe lambs of her own. Yesterday morning I checked her over when feeding everyone, but she didn't look any different really than she had for the past week. However, when I went out just af… more »


  08:26:31 pm, by Karen   , 770 words  
Categories: Journal

Jake earns his keep

We lost a Muscovy duck the other night, sometime in the wee hours. For some reason, some of our ducks think that sleeping under the shed is best, and once they get under there, they go way back under and you can't really get them out. That evening thre… more »


  10:56:52 pm, by Karen   , 458 words  
Categories: Journal

Spring has finally sprung

Up until this week, it's been generally chilly, with just a couple warm days here and there to tease us. But this week it will be consistently up in the 50's and 60's with bright sunshine. I've been outside doing spring cleanup chores - things like rak… more »

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Sharing ideas from our small farm in NH, where we raise Icelandic sheep and assorted poultry. We are members of ISBONA (Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America) and the CLRC (Canadian Livestock Records Corporation). We also participate in the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program (NH54). Contact us at karen [at] birchtreefarm [dot] com. Please also visit the farm website at Birchtree Farm.
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