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First lambs

Well, Cozette had twins last night, starting not too long after we got home. The first was a ram lamb, big, at 9.5 lbs, and Cozette was really straining and wailing. The two hooves and a nose had appeared (and a tongue sticking out) but after several m… more »


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Waiting for lambs

First lambs are due in a little over a week. Ken and I had planned a short two night stay in a B&B not too far away, for our anniversary, back before breeding season and before we knew that Cozette would be due the same week. We cancelled our B&amp… more »


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Feels like we've gone back in time to last fall when it wouldn't stop raining. We had a sudden warm up recently, and all the snow melted in two days. All the ditches and creeks were running full to the brim and they had a flash flood watch for some areas… more »


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Sunny early Spring day

It's not technically Spring yet, but it felt like it today. Here's some photos of the sheep and chickens enjoying the weather. more »


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Various updates

I found an Australian site that is dedicated to educating shepherds about intestinal parasites and how to defeat them. It's called WormBoss and I think it's a great site. It's oriented towards Australian producers of course, but there is a lot of usefu… more »


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Things to have on hand

Here are some things we had on hand which helped us nurse Falkur through his crisis (see previous post): -Nutri-Drench for sheep -LA-200 (oxytetracycline long-acting antibiotic) -ProBios Plus paste (vitamins and good bacteria to restore rumen flora)… more »
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Lessons learned

Someone said "I think you don't need any more mouflon rams", and maybe they are right. Our first mouflon ram was Indico, and he died as a result of Ivomec-resistant barberpole worm about 10 days after we brought him home. It was summer, and hot, which… more »
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