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Grand finale

Penny finally lambed last night between 8 and 9pm. I went out around 8:10 and I could see she was trying to find a spot. She was doing a lot of pawing at the ground and pacing around. The lambs were being pests and every time she would lay down, someo… more »


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Quinn's surprise

Quinn didn't look close to lambing at all. I thought she would be the last one, and that Penny would be next. But on Wednesday morning when I went out to do chores, I took the hay to the feeder, fought off everyone as usual to get the hay in the feeder… more »
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Orange's lambs

Monday I came home at lunch to check on Orange. We knew she was getting close to lambing time, and as a first timer we hoped she wouldn't have any problems. When I got home, I sat for a while watching her, and it was clear that she was in the beginning… more »


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Rose's turn

Rose lambed on Friday afternoon, before we got home from work. Ken got home first, and went to check on everyone, thinking that Orange might have lambed, and there were two new little ones, but they were Rose's! She had a black badgerface and a black… more »


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Making progess

Tessa figured out how to nurse, finally, at 1:30 AM Monday morning. We had gone out with the tube and syringe, ready to tube feed her again, but I had brought the bottle nipple on a whim and said "Let's try the nipple again". We had to pry her mouth op… more »
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